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About Eco Recycling Group

Eco Recycling Group has a team with years of experience in the waste industry.

We have a fleet of vehicles including skips, roll on roll offs, articulated lorries, trade waste lorries and a front end loader to name but a few.

We operate from our site in Scunthorpe, servicing needs across the UK, while providing our clients with a professional waste recovery service tailored to their needs.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service across the whole of our company.

Enthusiastic when it comes to recycling, we are pleased to tell everyone that we recycle as much as we can and offer rebates on certain containers and materials.

No job is too big for us.

Safeguarding the Environment for Future Generations

Pollution, climate change, habitat destruction and over-exploitation of natural resources such as fresh water and fisheries are doing great harm to human health, wellbeing and livelihoods, especially among poorer regions, and is undermining the prospects for a long-term resilient and robust economy. One of the prerequisites for industry to flourish in a sustainable manner is the availability of an assured supply of affordable and clean energy, together with improved resource efficiency.

The risks of climate change are well documented and its impacts are already affecting people and ecosystems. Meeting the climate challenge requires industries and institutions — both public and private — to be able to assess and understand climate change, design and implement adequate policies and to work towards resource efficient societies and low emission growth. “Decoupling” natural resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth is a key requirement for overcoming the pressing challenge of growing resource consumption levels.


Eco Recycling Group offer a nationwide collection service for mixed recycling loads of 5 tonnes or more. If you would like to book a collection, click the button to proceed.